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Guys from PacktPub kindly accepted me as a reviewer for Instant Ext.NET Application Development. Here it is:

Instant Ext.NET Application Development

This book proposes learning Ext.NET through practical recipes and really delivers this. Each chapter explores one part of the library and there’s a constant link between the text and the code examples. In this way, the content is very good. The text is clear and the examples go from simple to sophisticated, without making it hard to follow it.

However, I believe that the book misses some contextualization. I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who isn’t acquainted to Ext.NET, because there’s a gap here. The book doesn’t present the library and leaves unanswered questions like “what is Ext.NET” and “why should I learn Ext.NET”. Because of its practical focus, some fundamental concepts of the library are not explained – like Direct Methods and Listeners. They are on the text, but they are not clearly presented.

If you are starting to work with Ext.NET and need code snippets, working and explained examples, then this book will be a great resource.