New York

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New York

📆 from 2021-12-08 to 2022-01-11

This journal gets much better if followed by our NYC photo dump!


This is our slightly streamlined trip journal. This wasn’t a regular vacation trip, but more like a digital nomad one, where some days I spent mostly working (or “living rather than traveling”, if you will).

Everything here is recommended – in different levels. My actual recommendations would greatly depend on:

👟 Be prepared to walk. We covered an average of 12km each day, for over 30 days. It’s the best way to enjoy the city.

All the items listed here are pinned on the map linked by the end.

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Brooklyn Bridge, early in the morning
Brooklyn Bridge


Be mindful when visiting places of faith. We attended a service at St Patrick’s, it was a very good experience.

  • St John’s Cathedral
  • St Patrick’s Cathedral
St John’s Cathedral




Bethesda Terrace
Riverside Park


This list is almost entirely composed of diners. We love American diners. The usually laid back vibe, long menu, bottomless coffee and unassuming welcome make this an integral part of a trip to the States.



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